PREGNANCY & GHILDBURTH AREN'T PUNISHMENTS FOR HAVING SEX 0 2s liberaljane Consent to sex isn’t consent to parenthood ⭐️ Pregnancy and childbirth aren’t things women and people are punished with for their ‘sinful choice’ to have sex While most ‘pro-life’ rhetoric centers the pregnant person as the person who must “take responsibility” for their actions it misses the fact that pregnant women and people are autonomous and capable of making our own informed reproductive decisions ✨ The choice to become a parent should be just that a choice ❤️ Art by Liberal Jane Literally the only people I see treating pregnancy like a “punishment“ are pro-choicers And fuck yes you’re supposed to take responsibility for your actions Sex can lead to pregnancy If you’re not prepared to be pregnant you should think twice about having sex I didn’t think I’d have to explain ninth grade biology to you Meme

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