priceofliberty Report 95% Of Grandfathers Got Job By Walking Right Up And Just Asking NEWS WITH VIDEO-Economy Jobs -News IS SUE 50-12-Mar 25 2014 10 9K 14K ผู 49 alking Right Up And skin 73r Fun story my history teacher told us his grandfather during the industrial revolution walked past a flyer which said looking for smart strong boys so he went into the factory said i'm strong and smart and he had that job from age 13 to 78 kaiitea and this is why they expect the younger generation to simply get a job ahh it's so much clearer now entwinedmoon act that there's no such thin in anymore #like the majority of jobs you'd actually want require online applications g as 'just walkin re l via halffizzbin Here's another fun story My boss decided to slap my work phone number on all the ads we post looking for newspaper carriers So l receive a bunch of calls from people looking for jobs Working only part time I'm not usu- ally there when they call so they have to leave a message and I take their info to pass on to my boss Sometimes it can be weeks before my boss calls any of these applicants back if at all How the callers respond to not getting a callback varies Most don't do anything but some call again If the person sounds young they may leave another message clarifying their qualifications and reaffirming thein interest If the person is old and I can always hear it in their voice they respond by getting mad threatening to cancel their newspaper subscription and occasionally swearing The older generation is used to getting a callback and an immediate one so they throw a tantrum when they don't get what they want And everyone calls Millennials entitled truckerjbthemd Mind Blown lesbiantrevorbelmont This is great info but the way the headline is phrased made it sound like they got the job of being a grandfather by walking right up and just asking Source priceofliberty Smart Strong Boys Meme

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