probably the best essay introduction I've read in a while Knight 1 Brandon Knight Professor Boardman W132 7 April 2015 Rosa Parks Buckle your seat belts boys and gins Professor ot whoever is reading this at this spectacular time in your life because in eight short pages I am going to learn you a thig that I only know the basics when I was in 1 or2 grade and the rest I learned myself about two hours ago so sit down shut up and enjoy the experience of my 3-AM- Monster-Energy-ADHD-Medicine-Induced-Sel-Hatred-Fuelled-Writing-Extraveganza about Rosa Parks and what yod are going to read is damn near the best thing you will probably read in a 30 minute time frame Rosa Parks is one of the many people that made an impact in the 1950s that changed how we are shaped as a country 1955 was a time Meme

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