probably-voldemort Okay so like there are vampires but one of the side effects of becoming a vampire is that you can't explicitly tell people you're a vampire Like if they already know you're a vampire that's cool and you can talk about it with them whenever And if they don't know but are straight up like hey are you a vampire? you can be like yes I am and then you can talk to them about being a vampire because they already know now But the point is you can't tell people So you've got this vampire who really wants to tell their friends and they're dropping all these hints and being as obvious as they possibly can be but their friends just think they over-exaggerate everything Hey when did you learn to lock pick? Sometime around the middle ages I think Okay fine I won't pry then Cool shirt! When did you get it? Oh about fifty years ago or so Dude you weren't even alive It's a hand-me-down then? Hey check out this cool Renaissance painting points to a person lying dramatically on the ground* That's me Haha that totally would be you I'm the one getting his head chopped off No you don't get it that's actually me God I know You're so dramatic How long has it been since you've been to Europe? A couple centuries at least What's this red drink in your fridge? Blood Is it that new diet drink? No it's blood No seriously I'm thinking about trying this diet Does it work? sighs No How come you don't have any mirrors in your house? I don't have a reflectionCool It's really admirable that you're not letting society's expectations dictate your life Hey it's really sunny out today Wanna go for a walk? No I will literally burn up and die Fine stay inside and watch Netflix That's cool too I heard these coffin beds are really supposed to help you sleep I've never seen one this cool though Where'd you get it? I was buried in it Fine Don't tell me Dude why are you always so cold? I'm dead No really I think you might be anemic Are you getting enough iron? Real Life Vampire Meme

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