probablybardrpgideas Kids these days who think that being a bard is just about swinging swords and playing lutes disgust me Where's the pizzazz? The showmanship? The seduction?? probablystrangerpgideas you ain't a real bard until you seduce your way out of at least 19 situations that would normally end in combat probablybardrpgid You're not a real bard until you make your DM cry because you seduced the Big Bad that they've built up to for 10 sessions a-daks Once a bard friend rolled a 1 for a seduction and ended up killing a girl and tried to hide the body He was caught rolled low on deception and they all thought he was fucking her corpse He then tried seducing the guards and rolled low again so all the guards had boners while arresting him and the DM had to sideline the entire game and make up a dungeon for the rest of us to get our stupid bard out of But we didn't So for like 3 nights the DNM essentially ran 2 different games one of us questing without ol' corpsefucker and then the adventures of corpsefucker escape from boner castle He seduced his way out naturally deliciouslycookingrpgideas A true bard morthils I Fucked My Way Into This Mess And I'll Fuck My Way Out Source probablybardrpgideas 149092 notes True Bards Meme

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