probablyhalfelfrpgideas vaspider gayquicksilver By the way the local New Zealand drama right now is that there's this family of British tourists in the country right now that have on their own been such god awful visitors that the national news and like half the country is following their exploits and they got a deportation notice Like we literally have nothing else better to do in this country gayquicksilver chaOtician please tell me more They've been in the country 5 fucking days ok not even a week And it started a few days ago when some people Snapchatted them leaving HEAPS of rubbish behind at Takapuna beach one of the most expensive suburbs in the country and people were like hey can you pick that up and the family got real aggressive about it including this kid who could not have been more than 5 being like ill bash ya fookin head in m8 and this was ALL over Facebook and allegedly they were all drunk too Then later this same family was pulled over for their kids not being in proper car seats so they got taken to the dpt store to buy some no biggie but u know the connection was made that this is the same family from earlier in the week Then yesterday the police got called in Hamilton to a Burger King where the SAME FAMILY is like harassing staff and demanding free food trying to walk through the drive thru and even after police were called it took like an hour to get them to leave Now one of the woman has been arrested for robbing some sunglasses and soft drinks or something from a gas station ehdhfgrhejehehhs I think there was more stuff And apparently they were real fucking terrible on the flight here too But overall the situation is just SO funny like sure they were rude to retail workers and stole some stuff but the whole country is riled the fuck up because they left rubbish all over our beach and you do NOT get away with that shit equuslupus ris fr New Zealand fucking wild Imao Source gayquicksilver 45339 notes Cant the brits just leave everyone alone? Meme

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