Problem You're stuck in a vicious cycle between Google and StackOverflow How to get the middle letters of the string Hey I have a string Hello Jim Bob I need to get the middle letters in between so for example ellT Google How to get the middle letters of the string and o How do I do that? -3 pychon ll Videos Images NewsShopping More Settings Tools share edit flag asked 6 mins ago About 97000 results 058 seconds New contributor 1What have you tried so far?- mins ago How to get the middle letters of the string httpslstackoverflowcomquestions535264323332how-to-get-the-middle-letters-of-a-string 1 answer add a comment 0 Answers active oldest votes Root cause You don't know the right keywords Solution Ask which keywords to use to find the solution How to get the middle letters of the string Gooale python string splitting I'm trying to get the middle letters of the string Hello Jim Bob so for example el T and o However I'm too inexperienced to know the right keywords to search to find a solution Can someone point me in the right direction? 0 All ShoppingImages Nes Videos More Settings Tools python About 80500000 results 061 seconds share edit flag asked 20 mins ago Python String split - GeeksforGeeks httpswwwgeeksforgeeksorgpython-string-split Python String split split method returns a list of strings after breaking the given string by the specified separator Syntax strsplitseparator maxsplit New contributor 2Try searching for string slicing and string splitting Or just just string manipulation That should get you going in the right direction-19 mins Viscious Cycle Broken! Ive noticed this sub has a lot of StackOverflow hate so heres a PSA for all the newbies out there Meme

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