Programming Bingo Changing something causes an error in an entirely different part of the program Question closed on stack overflow Copy paste code you don't understand Procrastinate on reddit Push untested code to prod Find major bug in prod that has somehow stayed undetected for years Bug that vanishes when attempting to debug it OutOfMemory Exception Cor equivalent NULL Pointer Exeception Cor equivalent Windows vs Linux debate Bad Documentation Close 10+ tabs after fixing an Code has been updated comments haven't Project with at least 3 different conflicting naming schemes Spend several hours fixing a small visual bug FREE SPACE issue Spend all night trying to trace a bug Project depends on multiple versions of the same library Todo tasks grow faster than done tasks IDE Crashes httpxkcdcom979 Take more than twice the Endless debate about what languagelibrary to use Stack trace too long to fit on Third party library refuses to build Swearing in comments original time estimate to complete a task your screen Programming Bingo Meme

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