!Prohibited items ! Subject to applicable security regulations for reasons of safety pas restricted zones or into the aircraft Not in cabin baggage hand luggage Ne Firearms and other apparatus capable of discharging projectiles that can cause serlous harm as well as items that appear to be dan- gerous such as All types of firearms and ammunition including pistols revolvers guns and hunting rifles Toy guns replica fire arms and imitation guns that resemble real weapons Gun parts with the exception of telescopic Knives with blades longer than 6 cm Scissors with blades longer than 6 cm measured form the hinge Martial-arts and self-defence items with sharp points or edges Swords and sabers Crow bars Drills drill bits and drill dchucks including cord- less portable power drills Tools with blades or shafts longer than 6 cm that can be used as weapons Saws including cordless portable power saws Soldering torches Nail guns and staple guns viewers Alr guns or CO2 guns such as pistols pellet guns shotguns and BB guns Alarm pistols and starter pistols Bows crossbows and arrows Harpoons and spear guns Catapults Exa tha be Blunt objects that can be used for hitting and Catapults *laughs in trebuchet* I can carry around a portable trebuchet now! Meme

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