PROLOGE This is going to be a story abourthe Lynch brothers There were three of them and if you didn't like one try another because the Lynch brother others found too sour or too-sweet might be just to your taste The Lynch brothers the orphans Lynch All of them had been made by dreams one way or another They were all handsome devils down to the last one They looked after themselves Their mother Aurora had died the way some dreams did gruesomely blamelessly unexpect- edly Their father Niall had been killed or murdered depending on how human you considered him Were there other Lynches? It seemed unlikely Lynches seemed to be very good at dying Dreams are not the safest thing to build a life on maggie-stiefvater Coming 11519 Pre-order info here if you pre-order from @fountainbookstore you get a signed copy with an exclusive bookplate but also something secret I can’t share yet Meme

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