Proof of magnetic antennas in the brain Cerebral cortex Magnetite crystals Study by Dr Joseph Kirschvink California Institute of Technology found evidence of 5million magnetite crystals per gram of brain cell e 100 million magnetite crystal per gram of cerebral cortex Magnetite crystals can sense very Cerebrum weak signals and react to them Temporal lobe Megmetite Fem0ej reacts over one Thalamus million times more sensitive to an external magnetic field than any other biological matter optic nerve This means that external magnetic fields directly influence the brain This can affect and disturb many Midbrain functions of our metabolism Cerebellum Medulla oblongata PIneal gland Did you know there are crystals in our brain? In the human brain pyramidal cells are present and arranged in layers in the cortex of the two cerebra The pyramidal cells act as electro-crystal cells immersed in extra-cellular tissue fluids and seem to operate in the fashion of a liquid crystal in response to different light commands or light pulses which in turn change the orientation of every molecule and atom within the body! Biogravitational encoded switches present in the brain allow a type of liquid network to release ions that induce currents to the surrounding coiled dendrites Electron impulses from a neuron on reaching the dendrite coil of the abutted cell generate a micro amperage magnetic field causing the ultra thin crystal or liquid crystal in the pyramidal cell to be activated -- in a very unusual way this ultra thin crystal becomes a an electricity producing a circular polarized light pulse that travels throughout the body or travels as a bundle of energy Crystals are know to hold energy and trap sounds hence DVDs and CDs are a plastic form of crystals recording our pictures and sounds The science of the speed of the earths rotation and the sun has been broken down to be able to capture these things we want to record in a crystal like form of materiel shaped like the universe and much like our minds it is what holds memory Crystals are you and you are a human crystal Truth Meme

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