Protection firom weather good for dramatic reveals i Ma condsnmies sed Happy Birthday with raccoon make-up Mod Hell Red-on-black in honour of the blog's original colour scheme '^ Hoodie - good for concealing body armor and kittens and congratulations on these amazing eme-ingful years! יס Grey sleeves in < but both because one grey arm is his thing! For retention of heat but also tactile capabilities Porket Cargo pants for ease of motion and carrying more weapons and snacks Backpack to carry more weapons phonecomputer and art supplies Steel-toed combat boots in case of spiders You’re an amazing person keeping this blog running all this time making us laugh and with all the kind supportive advice you give all while being perfectly in-character and having your own very busy life in reality? At this point you feel kind of like a hero too so I designed a superhero costume for you! Feel free to make whatever adjustments to the design that are needed to make it feel more ‘you’ - I was going mostly on guess-work for this after all! Happy Early Birthday Mod Hell - you’re the kind of hero we need in this world Meme

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