PS Giving a child a spinal tap has a criminality all of its own ST's interfer with the pathway of the vital sacred fluids from what was made and gifted in Creation via the brain This sounds a bit lofty nontheless a reality These pathways within the spine carry universal fluid much like a river rich in elements that moves back and forth from brain barrier to spine continuously assisting spiritual growth not seen or interpreted in any way by myopic allopathic measurements Keep remembering the Kundalini that is raised along the spine according to Hindu teachings In this light a SP is considered a gross barbaric procedure which triggers all kinds of dangerous traps and invitations to danger including bringing in viruses and only god knows what else which can be devastating in subtle ways to the spiritual progression of the being for future evolution Trust me on this as my Homeopath Doc who is the most genius- mind I have ever studied with gave me a weekend workshop on this subject covering the molecular science on it to a T' My closest friend was paralyzed from it and then the MD had to do a Reverse Tap at Cedars in LA which thankfully brought her back but she was never the same She passed this year in June Meme

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