PSA Post op? Wash your damn vagina selfMtF submitted 11 hours ago by Ohgodimgross For the love of god this story is disgusting but if you've had or are having the operation then I'd suggest this advice Had the op about 5 years ago So I sort of fell into a slop I don't really get much action so I don't really dilate or end up with anything inside very often at all At the time I was told to dilate and douche I didn't like the douching and I heard multiple different things from others I just dilate then use a pad til the morning I just wipe off with tissue and let my body deal with the rest For me I just didn't wash inside me because I didn't dilate so nothing could really get gross in there I thought It turns out I'm wrong I was having sex this evening and at one point I stopped because I felt something weird So I put my fingers in there and the back of my vagina had a rough not very nice texture So I kind of scraped around a bit with my finger and I had a bit of orange stuff come out Not much and I'd had yellow stuff before So I supposed it was smegma The texture remained so I kept using my fingers to work around More and more orange stuff And finally I took out a weird chunk A huge chunk It was a cluster of pubic hair and orange smegma And more and more Like so much more just kept falling out So I suppose over the last couple of years while I've not been dilating my vagina's slowly let all sorts of hair just slowly work its way up towards the top And since it doesn't clean itself out it just accumulates a bunch of dead gross orange buildup around the hair PSA Dilate and douche I'm never leaving it to get like this ever again cisdude lanque-hates-terfs mtfselfdrag just like an ordinary vagina you guys!! lesbians do your duty and eat out a trans woman’s neovagina today 🤢 Everyone needs to clean their vaginas you asshole Just as you need to clean every other area of your body No it isn’t anyone’s duty to eat ANYBODY out doing sexual acts such as that is a choice for the partners performing it The woman in this Reddit post made a bad mistake but she learned a lesson and is advising others to not make the same mistake that she did please for the love of god dont clean your vagina the vaginal canal the inside in case you dont know what vagina means it is self cleaning washing or douching your vagina ruins the pH and vaginal flora putting you at risk for yeast infections the only thing you need to do is wash your vulva the outside with an appropriate product neovaginas though NEED to be washed and douched or else you get something like the reddit op described Meme

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