PSYCH2GO VIDEO GAMES CAN STRENGTHEN YOUR ATTENTION VISUAL AND MOTOR SKILLS D- Marc Palaus Elena M Marron Raquel Viejo-Sobera Diego Redolar-Ripoll 2017 May 22 Neural Basis of Video Gaming A Systematic Review fiftyshadesofwhiteboy vitallyvirtual psych2go Find out about this and 8 other Psychological benefits of playing videogames here!Playing videogames might help to slow brain aging Like the way you strengthen muscles using your brain is important in keeping it strong By exercising cognitive functions such as problem-solving memory and decision making playing videogames helps keeping your cognitive functions fresh for years It’s not clear if it depends on a specific type of videogames but research has shown that playing games for a couple of hours can improve cognitive function in young participants as well as those over 65 Zelinski Reyes 2014 …keep reading One of the few reasons why I want to go to school to become a video game designer It’s always been a passion of mine Hell yea b Meme

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