punk @NUEPORTS i took the same energy i used to hate myself and turned it into confidence that's how you recycle 93017 335 AM 194 RETWEETS 401 LIKES catastrofries mediokurrr Can i get a step by step on how to do this? So far for me it’s been something like 1 Become aware of how and when you tearing yourself down 2 Now that you can catch yourself doing it Offer counters to the negative self talk A really useful thing I read was to talk to yourself almost the way you would child Gentle and patient Even when they fuck up 3 Take time to celebrate your small accomplishments You’ve been attacking yourself for every little mistake Apply that same fervor to the positive things in your life Did the dishes even though you didn’t want to? Fuck yeah! Got up and took shower? YES!!! You are taking positive steps to feeling better Celebrate it 4 Make lists of things you’re good at like about yourself The first time I did this the only two things in my list we’re that I liked my hair and I had good friends It was start 5 Don’t beat yourself up if you screw up steps 1-4 It’s counter productive When I catch myself calling my self stupid for some mistake or other my response now is“We don’t talk to ourselves like that anymore What’s something constructive that could actually help solve the problem” Most of the time that seems to work Not always But more and more Everytime I hope any of that made sense Meme

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