Qjl Im-15 asked Your dog sounds amazing you need to tell us about that door licking story Dumb dogs are the best! A revyspite normalgiraffes supergiraffes-archive We trained the dog so that when he wants out he goes to the front door and waits Somehow in his little golden retriever brain he interpreted this to mean go to the front door and lick it If he's at the door but isn't licking it he doesn't need out he's just chilling So this was our routine - when he wants out he goes to the front door and licks it And then we moved house and he got very very confused He knew he had to go to the front door when he wants out but this was a new house with obviously a door that was completely new to him Despite our condo having only one door that leads outside and him going out this very same door literally at least five times a day every day for about a yearhe still has no idea where the front door is in this house Absolutely no idea at Now whenever he needs out he will go to any random door and start licking it And 1 mean any door - the bathroom door my bedroom door my closet the goddamn door of a kitchen cabinet even I don't know if he's really smart or really dumb Because clearly he understands conceptually what a door is 1 don't know if he thinks my closet or the kitchen cabinets lead to outside or if he's just hoping to find doggy Narnia or if he's just hopelessly given up on ever being able to find the door by himself and is just doing the best he can but every goddamn time he wants out he's right there licking the glass door to the shower or something He doesn't alert us he needs out any other way So if you haven't seen him in a while you have to search room by room until you find him with his tongue pressed up against the linen closet because he thinks outside might be that way He's the biggest dumbest dog 1 have ever met in my life and I could not love him any more He's perfect Here he is patiently licking the door of my wardrobe I love this Dumb boys are still good boys Meme

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