Queen Bee hey losers its my bis bday today have heard of him u may adrien agreste the model hes a brg fan so wish him happy bday Soi Can 0anyway's Send him a sueenshot Carapace happy brth day Adrien!! I dont Know u personally a Cool dude!! but i hear youre Rena Rauge happy birchduy day! adeien! Hope you have a wonderFul Ladybug Oh! um Happy birthdayAdrien! We've met a Couple times and you were always I hit enter too soon hold on ооps Queen Bee take ur time lol he has a huge crush on u 1b so it should be portect Chat Noir Wait what ladybug? Crush on Rena Rouge oh someones Sealous Chat Noir that of did he tell you no im not! Queen Bee he didnt have to Imao hes so obuious he talks about her all the time lo Chat Noi'r oh adybig im very flattered Rena Rouge jealous Queen Bee better he definitely has a crush f it males u feel ony on u too chat lol Chat Noir WHAT Queen Bee he lights up n blushes whenever people talk about u Corapace Sounds about right i mean idunno h m personally but believe it Chat Noir no he doesnt SHUT UP Rena Rouge upset Why SO Chat Noir IM NOT IM JUST FIUSTERED BECAUSE HES SO CUTE?? buggachat nice save Meme

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