questionablefindings everything-is-connected penroseparticle My favorite thing is that Europe is spooky because it's old and America is spooky because it's big meduseld The difference between America and England is that Americans think 100 years is a long time while the English think 100 miles is a long way -Earle Hitchner burntcopper A fave of mine was always the american tales where people freaked out because 'someone died in this house and all the europeans would go Yes? That would be pretty much every house over 40 years old My school is older than your entire town Sorry you think *how far* is okay to travel for a shopping trip? American looks up at the beams in a country pub* Uh this place has woodworm isn't that a bit unsafe?' 'Eh the woodworm's 400 years old it's holding those beams together bedlamsbard A few years ago when I was in college I did a summer program at Cambridge aimed specifically at Amer- icans and Canadians and my year it was all Ameri- cans and one Australian We ended the program with a week in Wessex and on the last day as we all piled onto the bus in Salisbury or Bath? I can't remember the professors went to the front to warn us that we wouldn't be making any stops unless absolutely nec- essary We're headed to Heathrow to drop off anyone flying off the same day then back to Cambridge All right it's going to be a long bus ride so make sure you're prepared for that We all brace ourselves A long bus ride? How long? Were Americans a long bus ride for us is a minimum of six hours with the double digits perfectly plausible We can handle a twelve hour bus ride as long as we get a bathroom break The answer Two hours Oh derinthemadscientist English people trying to travel around Australia and wildly underestimating distance are my favourite thing marzipanandminutiae a tour guide in France told my school group that a particular cathedral wouldn't interest us much because it's not very old only from the early 1600s to which we had to respond that it was still older than the oldest surviving European-style buildings in our country guana-sneeze China is both old and big I had some Chinese colleagues over we were discussing whether they wanted to see the Vasa ship hugely expensive war ship which sank on it's maiden voyage after 12 min They asked if it was old I said not THAT old bearing in mind they were Chinese it's from the 1500s To my surprise they still looked impressed nodding enthusiatically Then I realised l'd forgotten something mean it's from the 1500s AFTER the birth of Christ and they went oh AFTER ceescedasticity My dad's favorite quote from various tours in Italy was Pay no attention to the tower- it was a scornful tone tenth century addition My last boss was Chinese and she said when her parents came to visit her from Beijing they pronounced Chicago A very nice village blondegingersaxon This post keeps getting better 2thefingerfuckingfemalefury What I'm getting from this is both distance and time are Utterly Terrifying Source penroseparticle America is so young Meme

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