QUORA QUESTION A compelling question from Q& A site quoracom How can you train yourself to go to sleep quickly like they do in the military? Answer by KENNETH REESE Dad a nurse and a veteran Wake up at 0430 Immediately go run 2 miles fast or jog 4 to 6 miles Do several hundred push-ups sit-ups squat thrusts pull-ups or jumping jacks and then eat breakfast March 8 miles with 40 pounds of whatever strapped to your back and then eat lunch Run 2 more miles do several hundred repetitions of whatever exercise you fancy Then eat dinner Take an hour of down time and by 'down time' I mean run around trying to get work done At 2230 lay down You will fall into the deepest sleep you have ever experienced By day 2 you will have the ability to fall asleep instantly at any time anywhere This is actually a proven method! Meme

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