qust 7 at 8z My name is Ibby and I am a deaf man I have been deaf ever since an accident when I was two years old Every day on the way to work I drop by star bucks and order my usual- a caramel Frappuccino I can't communicate like normal people so I have the order written on my phone and I show it to the cashier every day They all mostly know my order by heart now so I rarely have to show it to them anymore Today I was met by the cashier with this sign Her name was Krystal Payne and after she handed me the sign she started signing to me asking what my order would be today? We chatted in sign for about 2 minutes and I learnt that she had spent hours watching YouTube videos just so that she could take my order the way she does for everybody else I haven't felt so equal in all of my life Ive been learn ing ASL Just 60 you Can have the same er pertence as every one else Amazing customer service Meme

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