R A V E N S A large ablack passerine bird Found across the North ern Hemisphere it is the most widely distributed of l cor vids There are at least eight subspecies with little varia tion in appearance although recent research has demon- strated significant genetic dif ferences among populations from variousregions a Welsh prince who had fought against nglish for Welsh freedom and then dis- peared when his capture seemed inevi able He is a driving force behind most of the characters in The Raven Cycle each of them having different reasons for seeking him His symbo is the raven and he was commonly known as the raven king 15- IAGLIONBY gliony Aadem boys school locate nHeprietta rginia Thot is ich has fgiven rise to the moniker raven boys for the students On or make a Aen out of papier-maché or other craf swoop the colossal flo e a ns air III CHAINSAW Chainsaw is Ronan Lynch's pet raven It is revealed at the end of The Raven Boys that Ronan brought back the baby bird from his dreams Through- out the series Chainsaw is often described as occupying Ronan's shoul- der and she is known to perch on the arms onan's friends brekkerskaz @ravencyclenetwork search objects symbols or motifs↳ ravens Noah’d had this dream about ravens fighting and battling He said they were all different colours and sizes and shapes and he was inside them and they were like swirling around him So they’re swooping and careening and there’s nothing but ravens nothing but dreams all around you Meme

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