rAskReddit Posted by ucieuxrouges Redditors who own multiple pets what's the drama going on amongst them right now? Discussion 170k 38 Share BEST COMMENTS kingdomofnye S 6h My mom's 10-year-old cat is staying with us for a few days Our golden retriever loves cats but has never spent a ton of time around them until now He is absolutely ENCHANTED by her He follows her around all day so he can watch her do cat things like scratch a scratching post! Or tinkle in a box! Or roll around in catnip! He keeps trying to roll around in catnip himself and is newly confused every time something magical doesn't happen to him She is unimpressed by her big new friend but we can tell she secretly likes him o Reply 39k positive-memesThis is literally the cutest thing I have read all day Meme

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