rAskReddit Posted by udiedeer 13h ? S 1 people who donate a lot of money to streamers whats your job? why are you so generous? Discussion 37k Share 339k Award BEST COMMENTS designthatdream 5h A little late to the party but I like donating to those Need money for schoolart suppliesgamedev donate and Ill draw what you want art streams I go after the ones who have work ethic and ability but lack a large fanbase What I like to do is anonymously donate x2 their commission rate or outright buy their needed thing for them on stream and make my request something easy like drawing their favorite character It makes my week seeing the reactions I do it because I was once dreamt about succeeding in the game industry as an artist but had money barriers I ground out a ton of work succeeded and now make good money in AAA so now I get to help out others 1 164 Reply Paying it forward Meme

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