rAskReddit Posted by uflyingkumot 9h Askreddit what's the most interesting anecdote an elderly person has told you that has significantly changed your views in life? Discussion grassyblue 2 4h Met an elderly hispanic lady at a bus stop in Albuquerque We went back and forth in Spanish for a bit I'm a white guy so she was pleasantly sur- prised and she told me about her travel plans to go to her son's wedding--a real cute story involving him and his high school sweetheart finding each other after a long time being broken up I had recently been dumped and said something a bit mopey like I wish I could find love like that someday She smiled shook her head and said Chico love like that isn't just found It's built How many perfect decorated temples do you think my ancestors stumbled across in Tikal or Tenochtitlan? No They found a good level spot maybe some water nearby and said 'Here We can build something here' Look for a clearing in the forest young man Not a hidden city That one will stick with me for years Reply 14k Secret to a good marriage via rwholesomememes httpsifttt2Y53kRe Meme

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