rAskReddit Posted by utmurg375 15h What's a secret your SO still doesn't know about you and why have you kept it secret? Discussion 4 30k 28k Share BEST COMMENTS Honkey_McCracker9h I hate her homemade spaghetti s Jollyskin 13 6画2-8h About eight years ago I discovered my wife's sister's reddit account accidentally It was a variation of a username she'd used for AIM before but with different numbers and no underscore the numbers were a significant date to her though There were too many coincidences in her posts for it not to be her She was posting on the relationship advice sub- reddit Her now ex- husband was abusive We'd known something was off about him but couldn't really put our finger on it I created another ac- count that I only accessed from incognito mode to send her encouragement to leave and to ask her family or friends but kinda steered her towards us for help She didn't want to impose or be a burden on any of them we'd just had a kid and I make a bunch of money but we live well within our means so you wouldn't think this based on ap- pearances so it was an understandable concern I slowly over several weeks and several different posts she made convinced her that it's possible her family realizes something isn't quite right and would not consider it a burden to help her out After their divorce I deleted that account Nobodv will ever know that the random internet stranger who was weirdly persistent in encouraging my SIL to reach out to her family for help and leave her abusive marriage was actually me Reply 120k positive-memes Wholesome Brother in Law Meme

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