rAskReddit Posted by uTristanmemes123 8h 1 S2 All You can eat buffet workers what are your horror stories? Discussion 271k 68k Share TOP COMMENTS Jef_Wheaton 5h S 3 Awards Not a Horror story just funny I worked at Wendy's when they had salad bars You could get a single-serving bowl They used to serve eat-in chili in Styrofoam bowls and the Large doubled as a chili bowl or All you can eat platters The Taco Salad bottom plate On a slow afternoon this guy came in and got a single serving bowl After a few minutes our manager motioned to me and the sandwich guy to discreetly take a look at the salad he was making The guy had filled the bowl with salad then made a ring of overlapping cucumber slices to extend the lip of the bowl upwards He filled that with salad then added another ring It took several minutes to build this thing but by the time he'd finished he had a tower of salad well over a foot tall wth multiple rings of cucumber slices containing it That salad was an engineering marvel He carefully carried it back to his table sat down then looked up guiltily as our manager walked out to him The manager handed him a free item coupon and said That is the most impressive salad I have ever seen Your next one is on me Reply 229k Meme

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