rAskReddit uCringer90 22h Those who have weird neighbors what does your neighbor do that is weird or creepy? ↑ 196k ↓ 86k Share BEST COMMENTS ▼ Mewnir 14h So I had a neighbor 80yo or more widowed guy Every time I get the newspaper delivered to my mail box when I open it I find the crosswords done I don't do them or give a damn A day I decided to try catch who's doing my crosswords day 18 am they where already done Day 2730 am already done Day 37am I decide to give up One day 4am I was getting back home from a night out while I was passing by the mailbox nothing yet delivered so I place my GoPro inside and went sleeping the next day FINALLY GOT IT it was my neighbor he has done the crosswords right up on my mailbox for like 10min I will try to find the video but it was absolutely cute staring at my door time to time and scratching his head Next day I took him a 1000 crosswords book drop it right his door rang the bell and stayed on my car discretely He took some time to open the door then found it I swear it was the happiest person like a kid that got a puppy He stayed in his porch and passed like 2 hours doing crosswords then felt asleep lol The next day he came to apologize like a kid that has to confess something and brought some cookies We stayed talking about his WW2 service and how the world changed i was getting back home from work I frequently bought him crosswords books until he passed away 1 year ago May he Rest In Peace Reply 29k Meme

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