rAskReddit uMarycate1l 6h 2 Art teachers of Reddit what was the most frightening piece of art you've seen? Advice 4428 180 Share BEST COMMENTS ▼ rando88765 1h Not an art teacher butl had a student that all the other teachers were afraid of I hey swore up and down he was going to be a school shooter or serial killer or something He got transferred into my elective class because it was my first year teaching no one else wanted to deal with him and they knew I wouldn't protest Anyway this kid would ignore directions and scribble in his notebook He wrote creepy poems and he always drew Knives He was obsessed with knives After a few weeks of slowly building a bit of rapport with him I realized he just enjoyed getting a reaction and shocking people by saying and doing odd stuff So one day l just sat with him and asked him what was ujp with all the knife drawings He admitted that his uncle forges knives as a hobby 1 guess his uncle was like a father to him and he'd design these knives and theyd work on actually creating them together He brought in some actual pictures and was incredibly proud He was actually a really funny really cool kid who just had a tough home life T hope he ended up alright Story About Scary Kid in School Turns Wholesome Meme

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