rAskReddit umastermaniac10 3h What's one selfless act for which you don't get enough appreciation? Discussion 1Share 75 66 Award BEST COMMENTS MobileAnimator 3h There are a couple of kids in my neighborhood that come over a lot and play with my kids about 11-12 years old They live with their grandmother because dad is in jail and mom abandoned them One of them totes around an ipod 1 like it's made of gold they have nothing My kids were going to a week-long overnight camp soon and I could see on these boys faces how they would be missing my kids and I figured they had probably that I paid for these 2 boys to go to camp with my kids that week I'm not rich by any means but managed to make it happen The grandmother called me in tears and told me whata rough life they had and she didn't have money but always tried to do right by them I've never actually told anyone about this before never done anything like EDIT Thanks for the gold! First time I've been upvoted like this too Reply 118 Meme

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