raww Posted bv S 4h imgur Staying at an AirBnB and I woke up to their kitten this morning licking my face Instant 5 star review Pics & Gifs Aww 1h Hi everyone! We are the ones with the air bnb! For those mentioning allergies it is mentioned when you view our house about the cats we have 3 so if you are allergic or don't like cats for some reason you don't have to book with us! We also make sure to mention to anyone who stays here before hand that we have cats just incase they missed it in the listing! you also have the option of letting us know if you're okay with having the cats out or we will kindly put them away in our room for your stay! Also for those wondering how we trust our guests we live in the home as well! When you book with us you have to have verification so if something happens air bnb covers our backs! But we trusts our guests I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay u Tan-zania! And we know Oliver is looking forward to your stay here again! Reply 235 1h I'm glad you guys saw this! Thanks for the great stay everything was awesome First booked person too awesomacious Wholesome AirBnB and guest Meme

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