R Chen et al Epilepsy&Behaviar 762017 24-11 n of PSE profiles of AEDs only examining PSEs 86% 3534085 experienced PSE Wnand that history of any psychiatric condition intractable osy and static encephalopathy were non-AED factors associat Supplementary Fig 2 howed that after controlling for these factors significantly more significant peychiatric probl of life and increase the sui study has shown that patic experi that secondarily generalized as auras and postictal bel had a higher risk of ep depressed mood psychosis PSES and IPSEs were attributed to LEV and ZNS Significantly less ness 20-25 Patients who PSEs were associated with CBZ and GBP and less IPSEs were associ- fore are more likely to ex ated with CBZ and LTG compared with the PGB PHT and VPA trended towards lower PSE rates compared with the average trended towards lower PSEra Lamotrigineiely these patients is directly AEDs needs to be further i not been any studies that e history of absence seizure the first study to show th 35 Comparison of BSE profiles of AEDS Examining only BSEs showed that 106x 4314085 experienced absence seizures were ma BSE History of intractable epilepsy staticencephalopathy secondar Our results suggest th ily generalized seizure and absence seizure were non-AED factors generalized seizure may h associated with BSE risk Supplementary Table 5 Supplementary also increase one's suscep Fig 3 showed that after controlling for these factors significantly mechanisms shared is more BSEs and IBSEs were attributed to LEVMore IBSEs were also at- further investigation in t tributed to TGB compared with the average Significantly less BSEs found that absence epi and iBSEs were attributed to az GBP LTG OXC HT and VP Phe- nobarbital trended towards lower BSE rate compared with the average activity disorder A previous study pu 36 Comparison of PRSE rates between LTG and other AEDs no overall correlation Supplementary Figs 4a and b showed that LEV TGB and ZNS had study specifically look significantly higher PBSE and IPBSE rates compared with LTG AED load and we also Carbamazepine's rate of PBSE was significantly lower compared with a correlation between LTG whereas GBP's PBSE rate and RFM's IPBSE rate were lower thanTo our knowledge those of LTG respectively but remained only trends Supplementaryof different newer an Fig 4a and b When examining PSEs only LEV and ZNS had higher epilepsy while contre rates of PSE compared with LTG Supplementary Fig 4c When When we controlled examining BSEs only LEV TGB TPM and ZNS all had higher rates of found that patients PBSEs and IPBSEt BSEs compared with LTG Supplementary Fig 4d related to LEV an studies have sho ual patients with e 24%of patients 3 showed that LEV was oblems Zonisami mood Lamotrigine of irritability compared with the a ed with a significantly ressive mood anxiety aggression and other behaviora Previous litera de was associated with a higher rate of depressive disorders mig possibl verage Lamotrigne was also associat- ith our fin PESE repo CBZ and PHT were all associated with lower rates lower rate of depressive mood results of intolerabilities caused by the shown to b Table 4 showed that the vidual PBSEs were similar Levetiracetam was linked to higher rate de essio mood anxiety in intolerability due to irritability problems Tlagabine was associated with a higher a other behavioral te of intolerability due to irritability igher rate of intolerability by was and tantrum Carbamazepine and PHT were reason of intolerability by irritability Lamotrigine was ot ted with lower rates of intolerability by irritability and depres- study inked to lower rates use sive mood an the presence of psychiatric of PBSE with AED use in adult patients th epilepsy 3413-15 This finding was confirmed by our study In tion our study also found that patients with intractable epilepsy failing to improve with two or more AEDs secondarily alized seizures or absence seizures are more likely to have PBSE taking AEDs History of static encephalopathy was also moderate- ciated with risk of PBSE Intractable epilepsy has been linked to Meme

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