rConservative Posted by utronaldodumpo 10h ireddit Leaked antifa training Manual These people are DANGEROUS 27 The ANTIFA Manual Found on the campus of The Evergreen State College Introduction If you are reading this it's because someone close to our movement trusted you with it Please do not distribute to anyone who may attempt to harm or denigrate what we are doing This is an ANTI-FASCIST or ANTIFA mnanual If you are reading this you already know that we are a nocial justice movement against hatred Intolerance and bigotry This manual outlines where we've been where we're at and where we're headed within the next 100 years But first to understand how we got here we have to understand THE ANTIFA MANUAL White Privilege For hundreds if not thousands of years the cis white male power ntructure controlled the media and disbursement of information First came the printing press controlled by white mules Then came mas5 media such as newapapers and television controlled by white malea But the next evolution of media waS born in a time when the eis atructure began to lose its firm grlp on the dissemination of ideas Some of our kind have begun to infiltrate high-level positions of power in mjor media organizations te mal power And of oourse the new king of idea dissemination in Socal Media This in the new battleground for our war against funciam Do not distribute to any oia white males non-PoC non-LGBTO peoples kafascists Whites especially cis white males hAve proven to be the greatest evil mankind has ever known From Hitler to our very OWn Harry Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the slave traders of old no one has proven to do more harm to mankind than white men Truman who dropped the atom bomb on From their nurderous plundering eg of the Native Americans and African slaves white males have achieved status and power in the United States and Western Europe Never indulge any fantasy by the fancists that white men have also cured diseases 1ifted people out of poverty through western capitaliam demooracy or any other facetious claim they may make about 47 major new media stars into witting or unwitting pawns for our CAUSE have subverted the power structure enough to eventuate our ends Believe the Way We Do or You Will Be Fired Control the Media The next crucial step is to threaten the livelihoods of anyone who dares speak out against our agenda They are after al fasclsts who are clearly racist homophobic or misogynistic You Can't run a Company wlth someone 11ke that in your midst It'n important to gain control of the media through any means necessary In these early stuges of th1s movement 1t's Important not to alienate any eis white males who are on our aide Use white shame and white guilt to kowtow men in positions of power into following our ideals Some major media conglomerates are swinging to our side but they have not gone far enough Once we achteve this end we'll almost be able to taste our victory yet we have so much further to go to achieve our ends Fearing for one's livelihood is clearly a big motivator Cis white male funcists will begin to hide in the shadows They may lurk online on message boards and underground media but will be afraid to speak up uning their own volce and name for fear of being labelled bigot Social Media in the new battlefront of ideals We've seen what kind of power these outlets yield by kicking major fancists off their platform before This will nd this munt only continue If you are seeking positions of power in the media be sure to obfuscate and hide your true intentlons on the Yarious social media platforms Better to remain a mystery and wield mansive power ihan blatantly ahouting your viewpoints from the hilltops We have the objective truth on our side Always project that Many fascist corporate overlords still exist and will offer some of these hatemongers a place to work But it's only a matter of time before our ranks infiltrate even the most evil of Corporations who tolerate such hate speech from their employees Use nocial media an a baton to alap down anyone who holds funciat viewpoints Call them racist homophoble misogynistic Create an echo chamber around you Phase 2 The Socialization of Capital Many of us firat learned about ANTIFA and gained our vlews on college campuses and univeraities cross the country Thiss needs to start earlier Take up teaching as a profension Educate the youth about the dangers of fasciam Befriend those Yulnerable atudents who you auspect of having fancint-leaning parents Teuch Little Timmy not just how to read good but also how to think and act good Never reveal our endgame but the obvious next step once we control the media is the socialization of capital This will obviously require major political power With hopefully 70% people of color in this nation we may begin to have a chance at these ends Obviously we start with healthcare It's after all a basic human right Everyone knows someone who died of cancer or who got sick somehow Obamacare was better than what we had before but it was bullt with the healthoare lobbyista' consent We need single-payer and we need it NOW Once we firmly have control of Social Media and most major media platforms it'n time to start Operstion Truth The way many soclal media platforms currently work is that people are primarily exposed to viewpoints they primarily already agree with This creates a kind of echo chamber for that Individual However once we control the flow of information we can slowly start spreading the truth to the fascista who reject our ideology This must be done very Carefully Slowly at first Begin Americans have come to accept that it's OK for them to be locked in a cage rather than not pay their taxes Nevermind most of the Onay ollected goes to the m111tery ndustu nlex and to Top Secret Antifa Manual Released to the Public 2019 Meme

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