rEntitledPeople Just bc vou're attractive doesn't mean I have to send you nudes Okav so by the title it sounds weird But iust hear me out I am a gamer girl I play a few games that are particularly toxic when it comes to a gamer girl In this certain scenario I was playing Rainbow Six Siege Everything was going fine until this one guy joins my game and starts immediately trying to flirt with me l tell him to stop because I nave a bovfriend and don't appreciate him talking to me the way he Was This guy had the nerve to say in game chat l might add So everyone could hear it that he wanted me to send him nudes bc he wants them I started laughing nervously and said no Thinking it was a joke I laughed it off But he kept bugging me about it saying how hes a good personand deserves them Nice guy wants nudes because he is nice and deserves them Meme

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