riamatotalpiece ofshit uiwanttogotothere91 3h T Share t109k 566 1S 2 deleted 1h S 8 Awards Some POS tossed this poor girl out of their car and drove off It was removed reported that she chased after the car as it drove away She is scheduled to be put down soon if no one adopts her t 13k Reply LongEZE 1h 3 Awards EDIT 3 WHAT THE FUCK? WHY WAS HIS COMMENT REMOVED? EDIT 4 Dog's page httpswwwpbcgovorg snapfoundpetdetailsA1968391 If you pay the adoption fees I'll pay for the spay and the first round of vaccines fees EDIT If you adopt her I'll pay for all the fees and your gas to go get her EDIT 2 I hope you're reading the responses to your comment You've already put a lot of time into this dog and I'm rooting for you to end up with her If you do decide to get her I'll also take care of your hotel stay if it turns into a weekend long trip to get her A1968391 4109k T Share 566 BEST COMMENTS EDIT 3 For those asking this was the comment This will probably get my comment emoved so please keep up with the story AutoModerator 3h jasmarin 2h I will pay the fee for someone who is local to adopt her Add a comment rLongEZE will pay all expenses for someone to save this girls life Meme

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