rlegalaavice stinkinstink 4h FL-Is it illegal to sunbathe naked on my property? Discussion Finance & Business So I want to sunbathe naked in my backyard However there are roofers working on my neighbor's roof I am legally a minor Does it count as indecent exposure if the roofers can see me? skinnyjeansfatpants 31m Legality aside why aren't you worried the roofer's would be snapping cell phone pics of you to use in their spank bank for later or worse distribute online? 9 Reply stinkinstink 10m Because if they want to jack off to overweight boys that's their problem not mine 5 THEY HAD US IN THE FIRST HALF I'M NOT GONNA LIE Had us in the first half via rmemes httpsifttt2YR9LXF Meme

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