rMaliciousCompliance utrustfundkitty l1d SUBSCRIBE Customer at subway wants to speak to the manager Iworked at a subway that didn't have any authoritymanagers just a couple minimum wage base level workers I don't remember what this particular customer was mad about but she was arguing with me and didn't like the answer l gave her She asked to speak to the manager and there not being a manager I decided to promote myself on the spot and replied with manager speaking how canT help you Ihis did not make her very happy because she realized she was not going to get a different answer and asked for a phone number to call The owner has specifically told us never to give his cell number to customers so i gave her the store number She gives me a shit eating grin thinking about how much trouble she's about to get me in when the phone behind me starts to ring I will never forget the face she gave me as I answer the phone look her in the eyes and ask her how may I help you 260 853 TShare Meme

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