rNoStupidQuestions Posted by uMrWaterplant 13h If kinetic energy is converted into thermal energy how hard to I have to slap a chicken to cook it? Learning Discussion 會16k ↓ 111 Share 。 Parker Ormonde As your friendly neighborhood physics major I decided to calculate this with a few assumptions The formula for converting between kinetic energy and thermal energy is 12mv42-mcT The average human hand weighs about 04kg the average slap has a velocity of 11ms 25mph an average rotisserie chicken weighs 1kg 2lbs has a specific heat capacity of 2720 Jkg*c and let's assume the chicken has to reach a temperature of 205C 400F for us to consider it cooked The chicken will start off frozen so 0C 32F 1 average slap would generate a temperature increase of 00089 degrees Celsius It would take 23034 average slaps to cook the chicken To cook the chicken in one slap you would have to slap it with a velocity of 166565 ms or 372595 mph Just now Like Reply Check out all our engineering apparelmugsticker designs we have! A perfect gift for your fellow engineers and engineering students httpbitly2A6lHql Meme

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