roffmychest uExpensiveTill9 S 5h My girlfriend washed my hair today It felt so good We don't normally shower together but today we did nothing sexual happened or anything but I just feel so on cloud nine right now When T reached for the shampoo she said wait and grabbed it herself and started running it through mv hair lathering it over my scalp and massaging my nead I swear it felt so good I just shut my eyes and felt like I was floating Then she took the soap and started sudsing me up and used her body to spread it all over me and rinsed me clean using her hands to splash me and running her fingers through my hair and spending like a good five minutes iust rinsing my hair and kissing my back and chest It was almost surreal just feel so incredibly loved right now I almost got overwhelmed and started crving from being so happy while she was doing It T've never had a girifriend be so gentle and make me feel like this I've always been with people who were very cold and i'm not used to thiS feeling And I've got no one I can really express things like this to Which when l think of it is really pretty screwed up I love her so much awesomacious Redditor gets washed by girlfriend and and feels loved and cared for Meme

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