rPoliticalHumor Posted by uAsmonymous 13h ireddit S 1 Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Will Bunch @Will Bunch How did America get from impeaching a POTUS over a blow job to having a president who's a credibly accused rapist overseeing dehumanizing concentration camps while coming within minutes of starting a war and it's like whaddya gonna do? L 1756 220619 Twitter Web Client 262K Retweets 892K Likes Share 22k 427k BEST COMMENTS RamblingMutt 13h S 2 Awards McConnell Two things 1 Yes it's the entire GOP that's the problem Just like it wasn't Hitler it was the entire Nazi party and it wasn't Stalin it was everyone who enabled him Eventually you need to distill a symbol that represents the entire ideology Trump is stupid but does represent the base McConnell isn't stupid but is the one who is actually in control 2 Waah the democrats haven't impeached him yet!!! It's been 6 months and the Democratic House has been working at lightning speed making sure every avenue is followed have some damn faith Even the super fast holy grail of speedy impeachments Clinton was about 6 years in the making Public support for impeachment has risen from about 30% to about 40% in that time since 2018 let Pelosi do Pelosi things because the things she is doing are working 27k Reply Tyt stopping concentration camps its cool guys Meme

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