r r teenagers Posted by uar ohhhhh boy was tonight fun kinda Meme s ago Went to my gfs for the first time Great house She let me sleep in her bed which I didn't think we would get to just yet but hey I'm not complaining Woke up at 930 PM went to bed really early for some reason and saw her bare chest right in front of me Didn't complain it was love at first sight I understand why she'd hide it from me but it was such a beauty Ended up breaking up with her Was gonna loot her chest but all that was in it was rotten flesh I took both of the beds before she got home from fighting mobs and went back to my mansion then deciding I'd play on Hypixel Sucks really Was gonna grief her but it didn't seem worth it Peasant They had us in the first half not gonna lie The worst letdown Credit to uJacobR123idioy Meme

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