rsoylent Posted by u50milguy 13 hours ago Soylent has financially saved my family's life amid the government shutdowin 147 I cannot say thank you enough for what Soylent has done for my family My wife and I are government employees who recently had a new born baby 6 months ago When the government shutdown started we worn't too worried because we only expected the whole ordeal to last 1-2 weeks max However that isn't the case rightnow At the time of this post it's Day 30 of the shutdown and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight Because of this my wife and I haven't been paid in 30 days This was a huge blow to our finances are mortgage on our home car payments and worse of all caring for our new born baby We already live pretty frugal so we were having trouble figuring out ways to cut cost We had seriously considered going on an only ramen diet just to cut cost for the next few month so we could allocate enough funds to feed our baby Thankfully Soylent recently posted a message willing to help those affected by the shutdown by giving a discount for their products This has literally saved my family's lives I was in tears when I saw the ost on their Instagram story My wife and I are now on an only soylent diet and we have enough money in savings to feed our baby for the next week or so I just hope the government opens by then Thank you again Soylent I'll remember this kind favor for the rest of my life Џ63 Comments Share A save O Give Award O Hide Report 81% Upvoted Meme

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