rteenagers uTheAmbitiousPerson 24m 14 Fellow teenagers Bill Weld needs your help Serious For everyone who doesn't know who Bill Weld is to put it short he's running for President as a Republican Yes he's challenging Trump in the primaries If you are interested in learning more about him I suggest you research him through Wikipedia Please check out rBillWeld as well Bill Weld is someone I really really like He's not some views and his personality is fantastic corrupt politician he has great I strongly believe he would be much much more popular amongst everyone if people knew he was running and actually took time to research him Additionally the media needs to cover him more to get his name out there because right now I don't think many people even know who he might be When people ask me who I would vote for in 2020 I say Bill Weld Their response Who? He needs to do something to get his name out there I strongly believe he should run heavily in California Texas Florida New York Florida and Pennsylvania Those are all major states that have the ability to go either way Overall Bill Weld would be someone who would unite the USA He has the ability to bring everyone together Whether you are a centrist Libertarian Republican or Democratic Bill Weld will unite us all He's the candidate for 2020 Even if you can't vote we still have a say We can help candidates but it's up to us We need him as President in 2020 We need change We need Bill Weld Share Vote 10 Award “Fellow Teenagers” Meme

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