rTrollXChromosomes uHitchhikingtoHeaven 1d Feminism sn't About Hating Men alexandra @thegr8ethan Follow men should be glad women want equality not revenge 835 AM 28 Mar 2018 51828 Retweets 142206 Likes e 000 3 19k Share From a males point of view and growing up with a 2 teachers that were pure feminazi to the point it was just straight up sexist toward the male students I believe they did seek revenge in some form or another Then again these two examples I have do not represent all woman l've meet many female feminist l truly respect and admire It's just feminazi do more harm then good and are setting things back Edit ↑-89 distractedtora 11h Always craving sleep Guess you can’t voice your opinion on rTrollXChromosome by devjoel MORE MEMES Meme

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