rTwoSentenceHorror Posted by uhernanredrum 8h The judge ruled that I was not to be held responsible in the car accident that caused the death of my 5 year-old daughter But the angry and bloodied little girl sitting in the backseat everytime I check the rear-view mirror doesn't agree Award 16k Share BEST COMMENTS Groenboys 6 she just wants one last hug 。 Reply ↑ 405 SupItsJordan 5h S 1 Award She loves you 3000 358 AestheticSmiles 4h You're going to make me cry all over again Damn you! 106 WatchPointer 4h Hey man it's all right I'll get you a cheeseburger if it'll make you feel better I'll get you all the cheeseburgers you want 78 deaddaeddad 4h no not today tears Unexpected wholesomeness in rtwosentencehorror Meme

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