rvegan + JO Should non vegans be viewed as mentally ill and should we thus try develop a program that has the potential to cure them of their mental illness? serious Discussion Health & Fitness Like some sort of therapy where they visit sanctuaries and cuddle with baby goats and such and after if have a group therapy session where they explain why they like torturing animalsI can't understand how you can hold a baby goat in your arms and still would want to slit it's throat Part of the therapy would be excersises and education in dietary requirements maybe they can even eat some beyond meat as part of their therapy I mean if torturing and murdering living beings that can feel pain solely for your tastebuds isn't a mental illness then I don't know what to call it How could we go on and get it classified as a mental illness? It's a socially acceptable mental llness in my opinion “Should non vegans be seen as mentally ill and be put in therapy?” Meme

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