rvideos ld youtube A drone covertly films an anaerobic lagoon - an artificial lake made of blood and liquid excrement On average several hundred people drown in these annually Videos Pics & Gifs T Share Award 178 會Vote ↓ BEST COMMENTS 1d On average several hundred people drown in these annually What? I would love to see a source I doubt there is not even several hundred people coming into contact with these ponds Edit httpsmercyforanimalsorgcould-virtual-reality-make-you-stop-eating Never mind I googled it myself and found the source for this video The article sites 2 total not hundreds annually cases of workers drowning in these ponds Sure the meat industry is dirty and can present dangers to workers but why blatantly lie about something in order to push an agenda? These ponds are mostly the farm animal version of what every city municipality does with their waste water Some one else can google how many hundreds of people drown in municipal waste water facilities annually False statistics called out sorry if this is repost Meme

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