rWhitePeopleTwitter Posted by uAliceTrippDaGain 1h imgur rBlackPeopleTwitter Posted by uBmchris448h ireddit Rude! I hate it when people rush me out of restaurants Memes Nancy-Jo-lo @nancyjolo At my local cafe today Politely asked a voung man if he could eat breakfast a bit quicker as I was meeting a friend He ordered more food! Rude @BrandonLBradfor I'm eating breakfast at the busy restaurant below my apartment A lovely young woman just asked me if could hurry up and finish my breakfast my friend is coming in 15 minutes and we want to take your seat So l'll be here for the rest of today 1977 21k Share 1 TOP COMMENTS Toasted_FlapJacks S7h It's not even about you wasting your own time it's Vote Share about the principle of not getting bossed around Add a comment Add a comment This belongs on both the subs by protovirod MORE MEMES Meme

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