RACLE WHIP RAFT Only Miracle Whip can make pears taste so good! Miracle Whip was specially created oldashioned boiled dressing and to make even the simplese salads ne mayonnaise exWich jost a pear hal and Liked by ore people thin any a lettuce Ieaf you haveaeft brand of salad dressing or mayon alad whea yow use dieacle Whip ever made there's noching else Miracle Whip astes diSereat b aawhere like the one and oaly cause it i different Kraft's secret Miracle Whip Year afer year-in recipe and exclusive bealing peocess Comada too-it acualty outsslls the make it a unique pe of drening et 20 salad dressings cowdied combieing the best galities of xod Try it and you ll see why kookychowcom supersoftly willesqueleto fini-mun theamazingsallyhogan siphersaysstuff jesus what was wrong with people They suddenly had money fridges freezers and access to a variety of foods - all things that hadn’t been widely available before Suddenly people had access to things that were beyond the dreams of people just a 100 years priorEnter corporations willing to go “oh yeah you know what’s great now that you can afford it? Cold beef soup served in a glass Drink up your beef!” Early 40s50s foods are something I’m very passionate about They had no concept of what flavors tasted good together so they tried everything The biggest ideas that were latched on to were things like loafs with layers that compose your entire meal and the suspension of basically anythingeverything in jello jello actually helped food last longer because the gelatin sheltered whatever ingredients were used from bacteria So naturally you put a fish in it Also pineapple It was harder to get before then so the sudden availability of it made people go nuts Bananas too to a degree Welcome to the wild and wacky world of Aspic otherwise known as meat jello jello history is a fucking trip Meme

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