rajonrondo Follow rajonrondo Let me help y'all out Since everyone wants to over analyze gaslight and over interpret situations let me help y'all with your due diligence The real story that everyone should be talking about right now is how my teammate Lebron James accomplished a huge milestone in last night's game What he has accomplished in this game shows where hard work dedication and perseverance can take you It shows little kids that don't come from privilege that success is attainable It shows that no one can tell you how great you can be Yall are so busy analyzing what happened in the last 48 seconds of the game that y'all missed the opportunity to highlight congratulate and praise Lebron wholeheartedly on his accomplishment Most of y'all have made a career out of discussing Lebron James and y'all can't pay wish RONDO 23 33131 likes 15 MINUTES AG0 Rondo speaks Meme

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